Four Tips to Visiting Maldives for the First-Timers

If you are planning a Maldives trip soon, be sure to research the place well before planning an itinerary. Maldives is a series of coral sandbars spread across the clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean. The Maldivian waters is home to a wide variety of marine life including sharks, rays, and whales apart from a plethora of fish species, making the region an ideal diving spot for tourists and marine biologists from around the world. However, before you get too excited and start dreaming about snorkeling through the coral reef, it is important to bear a few points in mind.

  1. Maldives is not a Cheap Destination

If you are a budget traveler and have been to popular South East Asian countries, Maldives is unlike any of them. Most of the resorts here are on private islands, away from civilization. The country is famous for water villas, prices of which start from $1,000/night. If you are more inclined towards saving money, check out guest houses and hotels on the local islands. You can make all arrangements independently or enlist the help of a reputed local travel planner like OV Holidays.

  1. Getting on a Plane to Maldives

When traveling to Maldives from anywhere in Europe or America, look for a flight via Asia as they tend to be cheaper. If you have the time, you could also explore Sri Lanka briefly before heading off to Maldives, as the flight fare from Colombo is among the cheapest. There are numerous direct flights to Maldives from Europe and Asia if you are so inclined.

  1. DIY Room Selection Guide

Although overwater bungalows are the prime attraction, beach villas are equally popular. The lowest-priced rooms are usually the ones facing away from the ocean. Although, they offer the same amenities as every other room within the property. The type of accommodation you prefer will depend on your budget. Maldives family resorts are spread across every island. It is wise to compare a few deals before booking.

  1. Island Hopping is Expensive if Not Planned Right

Since most resorts are located on private islands, public transport is not available for island hopping. Guests either need to charter the resort’s private speedboat or a seaplane from Trans Maldivian Airways. Unless you are staying on one of the local islands, and are abreast with the ferry timings, island hopping will be an expensive affair.