Fishing From Kayaks

Kayak fishing has gained in popularity because it is an environmentally friendly, physically active, and downright fun method of meeting the fish in their own environment.

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Fishing and Kayaks

Fishing and kayaking are made for each other. For many folks, nothing beats the joy of quietly paddling your kayak and making that first cast. Kayaks are used for fishing in rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, bays, and the open ocean. Even fish as large as marlin have been caught from kayaks. The thrill of the hunt combines with the splendor of solitude when fishermen and kayaks blend into one.

Kayaks require little maintenance. They are highly transportable. They can be launched quickly. As far as boats go, the cost of acquiring a nice fishing vessel is relatively low. The stealthy approach afforded to the kayak fisherman in seeking his quarry is second to no other method. When the fishing is done, kayaks take up very little storage space.

Types of Fishing Kayaks

A wide variety of fishing kayaks are available on the market. These special vessels are often outfitted with multiple rod holders, storage areas, and other specialized equipment mounts.

Let your choice in a kayak be guided by the type of fishing that you intend to do: Freshwater or saltwater, remote lake or drive-up access, tranquil or moving water, windy conditions, or not. Additionally, you can divide fishing kayaks into two basic types: Inflatable and non-inflatable. Seating comes in two types as well: “Sit in” versus “sit-on” kayaks.

Consideration of your intent and fishing environment, as well as your budget, will dictate the type of kayak you will want. Keep in mind that most fishermen look for stability and comfort when buying their kayak.