Few Reasons for Coming Back to Tenerife

Due to the pandemic that was going on due to COVID-19, people were forced to confine within our home that was really unthinkable. However, slowly and steadily things have started improving and the possibility to go for sightseeing is now coming up.

Therefore, the best to travel during these days will be to select a certain safe destination such as Monte Cristo Catamaran Tenerife. This island can offer a very good health system having 2 large prestigious hospitals along with many health-care centres. All these can offer the guarantee of the best Spanish health system.

What is so special in Tenerife?

Tenerife provides a very extensive tourist infrastructure and one can take the advantage of this place during this trying time of confinement for renewing our need for traveling to a new place.

Returning to Tenerife is possible very safely, because its hotels, airports, tourist attractions as well as all other catering and leisure establishments are well prepared for receiving tourists and provide the best safety and hygiene conditions, and follow all the protocols as approved by the World Health Organisation.

The following are a few good reasons why one must visit Tenerife during this season.

  • Freebird Catamaran

One should not miss the big catamaran such as the Freebirdwhich is along the Tenerife coast where one can sail and enjoy the wonderful coast.

  • Diversity of landscapes

Tenerife has become a unique place because of its different varieties of landscapes having a large island with volcanic origin. Also, its different climates make it special.

  • Teide National Park

One of the unique places like Teide National Park, which will remain etched in your memory. Also climbing on Ucanca valley will offer a unique experience.

  • Taste the productsin the Guachinches

Some of the typical Canarian dishes are:

  • Mojo picón
  • Papas arrugadas
  • Gofio
  • Banana

Also, there is a certain unique kind of gastronomic place called “Guachinches”.

  • Different beaches

You will find in Tenerife plenty of beaches, having sand of black and white. In the south, you can find many white-sand beaches,

  • Pyramids of Güímar

These pyramid-shaped constructions of Güímarthat is facing the sun, which can be attributed to many different origins.

  • Walk around La Laguna

You can walk around this historic La Laguna centre, which is a Heritage Site of the world, and walking through the narrow, cobbled streets will be a special experience.

  • Dance

You can always enjoy visiting the discos and pubs to see the dance, which is in the northern and southern parts of Tenerife.

  • All year round tourism

This island of Tenerife has been developed as a place for tourism where there are plenty of impressive hotels with a good capacity that also includes facilities for national as well as international tourism.

  • Candelaria Basilica

The Basilica of Candelaria is considered the home of the Virgin of Candelaria, who was the patron saint of the Canary Islands. This is a place meant for Catholic pilgrimage where one can visit and see the Virgin, and bring her offerings as well as pray.