Exploring Phuket and Its Beauty

How do you even sum up all the beauty that Thailand offers? The answer to that is quite simple actually. What this beautiful place has to offer is exponentially and infinitely greater than any other places you’ve visited. There’s no way you can take a trip here and fail to be amazed. If you venture out further into an island known as Phuket, you’ll be tempted to sell all your belongings and move to this astonishing fairyland.

When you arrive in Phuket, you’ll notice the harmonious blissful orchestral symphony of nature. The gently blowing breeze inspires the palms and waves to produce euphoric sounds. The sun is always in a cheerful and joyous mood while the white sandy shores are gentle enough to massage your feet. If you happen to stumble upon photos of Phuket, you might have an idea about this narrative. Here’s a Spoiler alert, you can expect some action-packed sceneries and up-close looks of big metallic birds. Still not getting it? Don’t worry, you’re about to find out.

Phi Phi Islands

Top on the list is are a group of Islands known as Phi Phi. This area is famous for its numerous clear beaches and hilly cliffs that breed perfect conditions for swimming, sunbathing and soaking in the breathtaking views of the whole area. The islands are also popular with the younger demographic due to the wild parties hosted here from time to time. It’s a place that has also attracted a variety of folks from within and beyond the country trying to seize the investment opportunities brought by the tourism sector. Take note that the area normally receives quite a significant amount of traffic; thus, you should prepare to be comfortable around the crowds.

Up-close and Unimaginable

If you’ve been keen on the web for quite some time now, there are viral pics of airplanes that are inches away from an island beach full of people. Yes, Phuket is the place. The flight paths are strategically located above the cerulean waters of Maikhao beach. Seeing the jets approach as tiny toys to the moment they are a jump away from you is sensational. Technically, people aren’t allowed to be on this beach. But ever since the photos of this place went viral, this place has been receiving massive love and visits from a lot of travelers. If you want to get the rare glimpse of a lifetime, head to the beach during the months of November to May which are the high seasons. This is the period when the winds are favorable, hence airlines use this flight path.

007 Paradise

This next destination will give you goosebumps, especially if you are a fan or a fanatic of the 007 movie franchise. The James Bond island is located in the Phang Nga Bay. A boat ride from Phuket island to this place will take you through spectacular, views of gravity-defying features that are mostly limestone cliffs, covered in opulent green vegetation. The beauty of this place struck the world when it was featured in the movie the Man with a Golden Gun, part of the James Bond sequels. If you are a photo collection enthusiast, taking a photo in this place would definitely make it in your personal hall of fame shots. You can try out the Pla Mook Haeng, a scrumptious dish normally available on the floating village of Koh Panyi. Don’t forget to buy some incredible ornaments at the numerous vendors that feature artworks inspired by Phuket’s culture, to take them with you.

Big Buddha

Iconic, gigantic, and imposing, the 45-meters high statue has become one of the many reasons why people come to visit Phuket. Made from white marble, this feature normally becomes conspicuously white on a typical sunny day, giving the whole area a grand appearance. The remarkable structure was built purely by donations. Anyone who contributed a marble raw material had their names engraved on the piece of their contribution. This is a sacred area thus, wearing the corresponding outfit should always follow when you visit the area. In other words, a sarong would do you good if you have clothing that reveals the skin above the knee. If you want to get the ultimate picture of the Big Buddha, wait until evening when the sun is setting behind the ginormous structure – it’s radically sensational.

Here’s a parting shot, when you are visiting Phuket, never leave your camera and your buddies behind. Your trip would be infinitely exciting and memorable with these companions.