Exploring Pattaya: Conventional Ways to Get To Pattaya from Bangkok

Hey there, wanderlust enthusiasts! If you’re itching for a new adventure and find yourself in the bustling city of Bangkok, then you’re in for a treat.

We’re about to venture on a journey that’ll take you from the chaotic streets of the capital to the mesmerizing coastal city of Pattaya. Now, hold on tight because we won’t be traveling the conventional way. No, no!

We’re going to explore some conventional and exciting modes — 3 non-traditional ways to get to Pattaya from Bangkok. So, grab your sense of adventure, put on your explorer hat, and let’s dive right into this thrilling escapade together!

The Bangkok-Pattaya Journey: A Traveler’s Companion

Situated in Eastern Thailand, Pattaya is a renowned resort city positioned approximately 150 km southeast of Bangkok. Its proximity to Bangkok makes it a highly sought-after destination among tourists looking for a beach retreat in Thailand.

If you’re wondering about the travel options from Bangkok Don Muang Airport to Pattaya, you have several choices including private taxis, buses, vans, or trains. We will explore the fastest and most economical methods to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

On The Road from City to Coast

If you’re looking for a cheap and popular way to get to Pattaya from Bangkok, the bus is the most preferred way!

The bus ride usually takes around 2-3 hours, so it’s a pretty quick journey. You can catch the buses from Suvarnabhumi Airport or the bus stations in Bangkok like Morchit and Ekkamai.

Don’t worry about sweating it out because these buses are air-conditioned, and they run approximately every 30 minutes. If you’re around the Khao San Road area, the southern bus terminal is your best bet for easy access. Keep in mind that the travel time can vary depending on the traffic, but on average, it’s about 2 hours from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Railway Escapade for Smooth Transfers

Hey, if you’re up for a train adventure to Pattaya, head over to Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok. The train departs every day at 6:55 am, so make sure you set that alarm clock!

The ride itself takes about 3.5 hours, so get ready to chill and enjoy the scenic views along the way. Just keep in mind that the train only runs once a day, and Pattaya isn’t the final stop, so don’t forget to pay attention and not miss your two stops in the city.

The Open Road with Private Vans

If you want a flexible and pocket-friendly option, hop on a minivan!

These are smaller than buses, usually fitting around 15 people max. But don’t let their size fool you because they come with some awesome perks. First off, they’re way more comfy and faster than buses, so you’ll be cruising in style. Plus, the journeys are more convenient, if you suddenly need a bathroom break, just ask the driver to pull over.

Are You Ready?

You can catch any of these above-mentioned ways to get to Pattaya from Bangkok from different spots in Bangkok. Some companies even drop you off smack in the middle of Pattaya’s city center, saving you the extra hassle, if you opt for private transportation. Pack your bag & explore the ultimate way to travel on a budget with added comfort and convenience.