Explore New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment

The American state of New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment. This nickname alludes to the outstanding beauty of New Mexico’s natural landscape, remnants of pre-Columbian civilizations and quintessential Southwestern blend of native, white American and Hispanic cultures. The fusion of these elements in New Mexico allows travelers untold opportunities for a magical experience.

New Mexico’s Nature

The varied geography of this Southwestern state offers a bounty of remarkable attractions. The terrain ranges from pristine wilderness and high, rugged mountains to sweeping red deserts, separated diagonally by arid plains. Much of this wondrous topography is protected as state and national parks.

If you prefer nature appreciation without the inconveniences of camping outdoors, there are places to stay all over the state where you may enjoy beautiful views in comfort. Check out this 360 virtual tour Las Cruces NM as one example.

Crossroads of the West

New Mexico shares many common features with neighboring states, from cowboys and cattle ranches to Comanches and cacti, and even Rocky Mountain ski slopes. It also shares a border with Mexico, a country to which it used to belong and with which it still has close cultural ties. However, the state retains a distinctly New Mexican culture. Its character can be seen in the adobe architecture of its Spanish towns and native pueblos, and a unique cuisine prominently featuring local heirloom chile peppers.

Distinguished Destinations

New Mexico was one of the states traversed by Route 66. This historic highway passed through both Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, and Santa Fe, the state capital. The setting for Breaking Bad and its spin-offs, Albuquerque is also home to the University of New Mexico and host of the International Balloon Fiesta. Santa Fe is one of America’s oldest cities, founded prior to Plymouth Rock. Today, Santa Fe is famous for its colonial Spanish architecture and as an artists’ haven. Elsewhere in the state, Roswell draws tourists for its role as the nearest city to an alleged 1947 UFO crash.

Rich heritage combined with scenic vistas makes New Mexico a captivating vacation destination. Visitors are welcome.