Emu Park: The Best Camping Spot In 2023

Are you a camping enthusiast? If so, you must be looking for the best camping spot to travel to this year. There are camping options like the location, powered or unpowered sites camping in Emu Park according to your preference.

What is an unpowered camping site?

The unpowered camping site offers you the most peaceful and satisfying experience. A camping site with no power connection feels like you are away from stress and city life. It has been looked up to by camping enthusiasts, the way from the city feels will be the best feeling when you are a city-lifer.

How does the unpowered camping site look? Well, if you wish to experience staying in a grassy grove next to the beach access, Emu Park has this camping spot for you. It is an unpowered site near the main camp kitchen and amenities. If you love the warm day and want to witness the beauty of the camping site, relax in the shade and fall asleep to the ocean waves sound the whole night.

The experience will happen at the front of the beach sheltered in the tent. The camping tent is installed in front of the beach, which makes you hear the ocean waves at night and witness these waves in the daytime. Also, witness the beautiful sunrise and set right on the camping spot. The camping site is suitable for camper trailers, vans, and even small motorhomes.

Thus, if you are camping alone or with family or friends, Emu Park provides you with the best spot. The fully serviced sites are accepting:

  • Caravans
  • Campervans
  • Camper trailers
  • Motor homes
  • Tents

So, whatever camping experience from those options you want to try, you can have it. As long as you want to experience all of them, book for a vacation or camping experience. The grassy unpowered multi-use sites near the beach offer an excellent camping experience. The three amenity building makes you feel like living in the most expensive camping site.

Hygiene should not be left behind this, even during your camping days. There is a separate shower or toilet facility where you can take a bath or shower and the “call of nature” as they say, all services are provided. The feeling of going camping can still feel like you are at home -everything is available and accessible. There are outdoor eating areas that give you comfort and satisfaction while on our meal time.

In addition, you don’t leave the camping site bringing your unwashed laundry. You can go home with washed clothes and do laundry while on your camping experience due to the availability of washing machines, washing tubs and ironing, large capacity dryers, and even folding facilities.

Book your next camping trip now.