Dubai Travel Guide – The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money

If you are planning to visit Dubai, a travel guide is a must-have. A Dubai travel guide gives information and advice about the different places of interest, the best Dubai hotels and the best time of the year to visit. Dubai is quite a big place, and it takes time to explore all its sections. So, make sure that you get yourself an experienced traveller, one with experience and knowledge.

Travel smart

First of all, travel to Dubai by air. Fly to Dubai and take a train from any other part of the world. Taking an indirect flight is the best way of reaching Dubai. The indirect flight will cost you less and will help you save money on your hotel bill. So, why wait?

Once you are done with air travel, you can either fly to Dubai by plane or take a bus or a taxi. For first time visitors, getting an indirect flight is the most economical option, as it gives you better chances of booking tickets in advance. Booking tickets in advance is important if you want to avail good discounts and other facilities offered by the Dubai hotels. So, search for an efficient Dubai travel guide and start making plans!

Check out the best deals in the market

There are several websites that offer Dubai travel guides. These guides have detailed information about all the Dubai hotels, tourist places and dining options. Most of these Dubai travel guides for Dubai Holidays are designed by experienced travel consultants who have plenty of knowledge about the places, and they are updated frequently. Choose a Dubai travel guide that contains detailed information about the Dubai airport, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, places for sightseeing and activities etc. Look for one that has a map so that you can plan your sightseeing itinerary.

If you do not have time to go out and look for a Dubai travel guide, you can search online. You can find a large number of Dubai travel guides on the internet. These guides give you comprehensive information about Dubai’s amazing attractions. Some of the Dubai guide sites also provide accommodation bookings, hotel reservations and online ticket booking. Make sure that you check out the review section and the comments section before booking your Dubai hotel through a Dubai travel guide.

Once you have downloaded your Dubai travel guide, follow the instructions mentioned therein. Print it out so that you can take it with you when you travel. Read through the Dubai travel guide before you travel so that you won’t miss any.

First Time travellers 

For a first time visitor to Dubai, a travel guide will enable you to find hotels, tourist sites and information on Dubai dining, entertainment and travel. You can find hotel information, in the form of brochures or online, including information such as amenities, star rating, range of rooms, contact person, location, car rental etc. A good travel guide will also provide information on local events and festivals, guides to local attractions, the Dubai map, Dubai travel guide and detailed information on sightseeing, dining, shopping and work. The guide should also include information about Dubai health insurance, medical facilities, sports and recreational activities and laws and regulations concerning foreign working in the country.