Choosing a Motorhome


Americans love to camp. In 2017, more than 40 million people spent a weekend or an entire vacation camping, and its popularity is on the rise. Traveling in a recreational vehicle is one of the most luxurious, yet still practical, ways to enjoy nature. But how do you know which motorhome is right for you? It depends in part on what you want to do.

Go Everywhere in Comfort

Traveling in comfort is what Class A recreational vehicles are all about. These are the large motorized automobiles you may think of when you hear the phrase “luxury RV.” The living space and engine are all housed in one shell, with the driver’s cockpit in the front. These coaches typically boast chic, high-quality amenities and fixtures. A brand-new coach may be out of reach, but purchasing a lavish used Class A can make buying a travel coach Junction City OR much more attractive.

Stay in National Parks

Space restrictions make it difficult, sometimes impossible, for owners of large RVs to camp in national parks. Therefore, if you want to stay overnight in the shadow of El Capitan or wake up just miles from Old Faithful, you may prefer a nimbler Class B or C motorhome. They are like the Class A coach, in that engine is included as part of the RV, but they are much smaller. Their size means they have limited living space, but what you give up in comfort and storage, you gain in maneuverability.

Be Truly Alone

The National Forest Service calls it “dispersed camping” and practitioners call it dry camping or boondocking. If you want to be in the middle of nature with no civilization in sight, you may just call it heaven. Camping on public lands without hook-ups for water, power or sewer allows you to truly get away from it all. Doing it in a motorhome provides a measure of safety, along with your own bed and bathroom. With enough advance planning and research, this can be done in any type of motorhome.