Choose the Right Catamaran Rent Options in Malta

Find out all the basics of catamaran sailing here, from comfort on board, sailing characteristics and safety to tips and tricks for catamaran beginners in Malta. The rents are very easily affordable for the same.

What is a catamaran?

Is comfortable sailing with a high relaxation factor the top priority on your planned trip? Then a sailing catamaran is exactly the right choice.

  • Compared to a monohull, a catamaran has two hulls that are firmly connected to one another by a carrying deck. The cabins, each with their own wet cell, are housed in the hulls and the carrying deck or bridge deck is used for the salon, pantry and navigation.
  • Thanks to the two hulls, a catamaran offers a lot of individual living space, which makes the time on board more relaxed and relaxing.
  • Catamarans for rent in Malta do not have strong yaw movements. It lies like a raft on the water and catamaran sailing is more relaxed without heeling.
  • Catamarans can find an anchorage in almost every bay, because thanks to the shallow draft, close approach to the coast is permitted.
  • Catamarans often have an additional floor, the flybridge, for additional living space on board.

Advantages of a catamaran

Large space

Our sailing catamarans convince with an optimal design of the hulls for more volume inside, spacious cockpits as well as indoor and outdoor areas that merge, a seating area in the bridge deck for a refreshing breeze and a beautiful view of the horizon. The space is not only very large in all living and common areas, but also the storage options for bags and provisions are much larger than with a monohull.

Catamarans offer stability

Catamarans are very wide due to their two hulls and are therefore extremely stable on the water. They seldom heel more than 5 degrees, which makes catamaran sailing a lot less strenuous.

Easier and faster

Since catamarans get their stability from the wide hull, they do not need a keel and are very light compared to monohull yachts of the same size. Due to the shallower draft, catamarans have less water resistance and are therefore often faster. Upwind they are up to 25% faster than monohull yachts of comparable length, and downwind they even sail up to 100% faster.

Shallow draft

The shallow draft of catamarans is particularly helpful in shallow reef passages and allows you to anchor close to the coast. In addition, they usually have less wave resistance and are therefore often faster.

Convenient manoeuvring

The helmsman is able to cope with almost all manoeuvres solo, as the necessary resources are diverted to the steering position and the autopilot supports him. The two engines make manoeuvring easier, especially in marinas. Renting the boat is also a little easier with a catamaran. Catamaran sailing is also perfect for beginners.


Many safety-relevant systems are duplicated in the catamaran. For example, there are two motors, one per hull, and two rudders. A catamaran offers level floors, wide, safe walkways and no climbing when crossing the side decks onto the foredeck.