Celebrating birthday or any party in the limousine: some basic FAQ

Hen party in limousine with attractive young people.

Celebrating a birthday in Toronto aboard an exclusive car like the Kitchener Limo is the dream of children and adults of any age, who for an evening want to experience the unique thrill of getting into a VIP car, also taking advantage of the discounts available for an affordable and accessible party for those on a not too high budget. Request a quote now to organize birthdays and other events with a tour of Toronto by limousine. Select the company that will provide it to you completely free of charge, with no purchase commitments and mentioning all the available services and the final price. Important notes to know to better organize a limousine ride

  • Request a free quote, after filling in all the fields of the format, which you can find on the site,
  • Choose a departure address and indicate it, so that organizers can send the driver to your home. Pay attention to tell us an existing street or square, where vehicles are allowed to circulate,
  • Leave a deposit or the entire balance before the service, to definitely book the tour for the party.

What could prompt me to rent a limo for a birthday party?

There could be various reasons that could make you rent a limo for such an event.

  • The desire not to organize the usual pizza with friends, but to do something different,
  • What’s better than getting into the limo for the first time in your life, on your birthday?
  • I will be celebrating in a club, so I would like to rent a limousine for the transfer service to be accompanied from home to the location, making the entrance typical of a Hollywood star,
  • I want to take a tour of Toronto, visiting all the beauties of the Eternal City, with close friends and / or relatives on my birthday,
  • I know friends or acquaintances that have already organized this type of party and have suggested this wonderful experience to me.

What are the most popular rental services?

  • You can celebrate in the limo in various ways:
  • An exciting tour through the center of Toronto, passing by modern architectures, and city life,
  • Transfers from home to a place such as a disco, villa, restaurant and cocktail bar,
  • Ride in the limousine, with the addition of the finger food aperitif service, which will be served to all guests in the car,
  • Tour of the capital with booking of a disco.

Do limousines have a minimum or maximum capacity?

Yes, all limo models have a maximum capacity of 8 people, excluding the driver, while there are no minimum limits. There are no exceptions for groups of 9 or more people, as there are fines and vehicle collection. In these cases, we recommend that you consider the party bus models, which can carry up to 41 people. You can rent it for any birthday. In particular: 0 to 15 years, 18 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, and from 60 and up.