Car Rental in Rhodes: What You need

Rhodes is the preferred destination for many travelers. It is a magical place which fascinates everyone with its unique beauty, its fine sandy beaches and which encourages visitors to explore the island. We can guarantee that the most independent and economical way to see all these beauties and sites is to rent a car! It is also the size and morphology of the island of Rhodes that make car rental necessary for your vacation. So when you ask Do i need to rent a car in Rhodes? Then the following answer is for you.

Just drive to explore the beautiful island of Rhodes

Every year, many visitors choose our car rental company for its special offers and its wide range of vehicles, for their holidays in Rhodes, Greece. You can rent your car at the airport or port of Rhodes or even at your hotel.

Visit Rhodes

Take a moment to glimpse the history of the city of Rhodes, which merges with the history of the island, and you will understand that your stay will already be a magnificent journey through time. From antiquity to the Turkish presence through that of the knights of the crusades, Rhodes has kept track in its heritage of all its pages of history. It is for this reason that the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The acropolis will immerse you in the ancient history of the city while the Palace of the Grand Masters, an old fortress that has become a museum, is a precious witness to the time of the Crusades. And if you want to enjoy a well-deserved rest, the many beaches in the city should be able to meet them. In you can find the best choices now.

Ideas for your excursions

  • But no doubt that when you are well behind the wheel of your rental car, you will want to discover more of this island. Greece is an island of sunshine, so it will simply be impossible for you not to enjoy the magnificent seaside panoramas and a little well-deserved rest. Anthony Quinn Bay or Tsambika Beach awaits you, for example. With the children, it is the Water Park and its huge slides that will have their favors for an afternoon of relaxation and laughter. In a completely different register, in the heart of the island, the small village of Laerma is an exciting stopover. Small typical mountain village, one is charmed between olive trees, cereal fields, and vineyards. In the forest, at the turn of a walk, you will come across the Tàri monastery, magnificently preserved from the hustle and bustle of civilization.


In Rhodes, it is not essential to rent a car. You can easily get around by public transport. And if necessary, you can use a taxi when arriving at the airport to reach the city center. You might need it, however, if you want to make a day trip around the Greek capital (to go to Cape Sounion or Delphi for example). But there is also the possibility of finding alternatives with all-inclusive formulas in a group or in an all-comfort formula with a private driver .However, outside of Rhodes, we strongly recommend that you hire a car , whether in mainland Rhodes or on the Greek Islands. Public transport is poorly developed and the car remains one of the best ways to visit the country.