Best Tourist Attractions And Resorts In Hurghada

1- Hilton Hurghada Resort:

This location is of the luxury places to stay in Hurghada city and has great rooms that provide balconies, excellent beds, and coffee machines, as well as modern TVs. many tourists love this resort, where it has professional staff, amazing European eateries, and a lot of swimming pools. Although this resort from five-star hotels in Hurghada, it features very cheap prices and you could find out the best prices to stay at this place or in any other hotels in Hurghada through this site

2- The Sand Museum or Sand City Hurghada:

The Sand Museum is considered one of the most important museums worldwide because it contains wonderful sand sculptures for the most famous figures in ancient and modern times, which were sculpted by the most famous international artists of different nationalities from more than one Arab and European country. It contains about 42 statues of Egyptian and international figures. Many of the ancient statues were made, such as the statue of Queen Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, and the Sphinx. Some modern cartoon characters have also been carved such as Spiderman and Batman. the tourists can enjoy their time inside the museum, not only to see statues but the museum contains some restaurants, children’s clubs, and some lounges so that the tourist does not tire and feels entertainment and comfort.

3- Hurghada Grand Aquarium:

Hurghada Grand Aquarium is considered one of the most beautiful museums in the world, it is one of the most important museums in the Middle East and the continent of Africa, and this museum contains more than 20 transparent glass basins that reflect marine life under the water, and there is a waterway about 24 meters in length through which it is possible to walk Underwater and see the sizes of fish in their natural form and picturesque coral reefs. This museum has been built with the most advanced international methods and participated in its construction by many Egyptian and foreign experts and technicians.