Best beaches in China


China – millennial history, variegated culture and ultra-modern technologies combine here together, shaping one of the most bizarre countries in the world. Brought to the spotlight of the western world by the Venetian merchant Marco Polo more than 700 years ago, the fourth biggest country on earth has never disappointed its visitors: a rich culture, engaging history and breathtaking landscapes. The imperial capital Beijing, the endless Great Wall, Shanghai (the Manhattan of China), the Terracotta Army, Tibet … China has so much to offer!!

If you are visiting the country only for its beaches, you should probably reconsider your choice. Although summers can be schorging here, keep in mind that China is no Thailand! Yet, if you are planning to explore and discover this mystic country and spend a few days at the beach, we got you covered! Indeed, with more than 14.500 km of coastline, China offers some great places to relax and enjoy the warm temperatures.


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Best period to visit China

The best period to visit China of course depends on what your plans are. Moreover, keep in mind that China is gigantic, therefore, visitors must expect diverse climates depending on the area. Yet, the weather is generally pleasant in spring (April- June) and autumn (September-early November). It is highly suggested to avoid the summer months (July and August), since, besides the extremely warm temperatures, visitors will encounter huge crowds of people and high prices.

Best beaches in China

Yalong Bay, Sanya

Yalong Bay, “The Oriental Hawaii”, is China number one seaside destination.The 7-kilometer-long white sandy beach is world-known for its turquoise waters, which attract a more than a million travellers – local and international – every year. Although Yalong Bay offers some of the most luxurious accommodations of the country, travellers can also lodge at cheaper hotels and visit public beaches. Yet, keep in mind that public beaches will be extremely crowded!

Shimei Bay Beach, Wanning

Located off the beaten path on Hainan Island, Shimei Bay Beach offers visitors gorgeous landscapes as well as golden sandy beaches. Travellers will experience here peace and quiet, since the number of visitors will be extremely slim.


Riyue Bay, Wanning City

Also known as Sun and Moon Bay, Riyue Bay is extremely popular among surfers. Numerous international surfing competitions are in fact held here every year, attracting brave surfers who want to ride the wave of their life. Yet, don’t worry if you are not really into the surfing culture, Riyue Bay offers something for you as well! Besides deserted beaches, visitors can enjoy several hikes in the surrounding territory.

Beidaihe Scenic Area, Qinhuang City

Influenced by a marine climate, this is the perfect choice to avoid the scorching weather of Beijing. Only 2 hours away from the capital, the beach is also called “the Government’s Summer Palace”, since Chinese government officials come here to enjoy the warm summer days. The area is extremely popular also among bird-watchers.

Golden Sand Beach, Qingdao

Not too far away from Beijing, Golden Sand Beach is quite popular among travellers, who come here to enjoy the sea and warm temperatures. The beach, as the name implies, offers an extremely beautiful fine, yellow sand, which attracts huge crowds of holidaymakers every year. Due to the high number of visitors, it is highly suggested not visit this location in summer, and specially in the weekends.


White Pebble Beach, Dalian

In proximity to the North Korean border,White Pebble beach represents the perfect place to escape the huge crowds of visitors. The 50-kilometer-long beach is not an extremely popular destination among Chinese people, who instead prefer to visit the close beaches of Xinghai and Fujiazhuang. Provided with all the comforts, this is the perfect place for those looking for peace and quiet. Yet, as the name implies, holidaymakers should also expect to find here inconvenient white pebbles.

Putuoshan Island, Zhejiang Province

Located approximately 150 km southeast of Shanghai, it represents the perfect getaway to relax after the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet, the island does not only delight visitors with its marvellous beaches, but it also offers history and culture. Travellers can in fact visit the numerous temples of the island, home to approximately 500 Buddhist monks.