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Planning A Trip To Barcelona? Here Are Some Handy Tips For You!

The beautiful city of Barcelona is set along the coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea and is well-known for its urban design, diversity, nightlife, beach lifestyle, and many other exciting things. The city is always full of energy and feels much...


3 most popular festivals in Pakistan

The relatively young nation of Pakistan is located on an ancient land which has seen the birth of many great civilizations, giving the region a very diverse and culturally rich heritage. This land celebrates its unique heritage by celebrating many...


Best beaches in China

  China - millennial history, variegated culture and ultra-modern technologies combine here together, shaping one of the most bizarre countries in the world. Brought to the spotlight of the western world by the Venetian merchant Marco Polo more than 700...


How High Can a Sport Pilot Fly?

Flying planes is fun and challenging. Becoming a sport pilot is one step towards your big dreams. However, there are limitations to observe when flying an LSA. It may be the cheapest pilot license to obtain, but when the rules...


The History of the Cabaret

Cabaret is a form of entertainment that is more daring and less formal than the plays and musicals you would see on a typical Broadway stage. Cabaret in New York City has been popular for more than a century, but...


Things to Do In Batam Island, Indonesia

The Batam Island is one of Indonesia's most popular tourist destinations because it is known as a place where people can relax and escape from all these worries and hassle of their busy life. Who doesn't want time away from...

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