Although You Don’t Need An Excuse To Go To Hawaii, Here Are Some Of The Best Reasons To Do It

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you are in the right place. Hawaii is an archipelago belonging to the United States, located in the North Pacific. Composed of eight islands of volcanic origin, it is a beautiful paradise, full of beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, with endless tourist attractions for all tastes waiting for you.

On your vacation trip to Hawaii, you will discover that all the islands are incredible places for tourism. Still, if it is your first stay in Hawaii, we recommend you visit the Big Island of Hawaii and the island of Oahu, as they are the largest and most important of the archipelago. 

The ecologically diverse and sparsely populated Big Island of Hawaii is more significant than all the other islands combined. Car rentals allow visitors to discover everything from snow-capped mountain wonders to forests and deserts. 

The Big Island is best known for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and had the longest volcanic eruption in recorded history; on the other side of the island lies Puuhonua O Honaunau, an archaeological complex composed of temples, statues of deities, and other artifacts of the indigenous Polynesians. 

While in Kiholo Bay, we will rest on its black sand beaches, where giant turtles can be spotted. The big island of Hawaii satisfies the expectations of both those who crave adventure and those who seek luxury with the many resorts scattered along the Kohala Coast.

Most of the traditional Hawaiian dishes have been lost, as has the language and culture (sad but true), and it is a place where there is a brutal mix of cultures (Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, etc.) the food attests to that fusion as well.

But something very traditional Hawaiian and that you can not miss is the poke. Poke is a salad of raw fish (tuna, salmon, etc.) marinated in various ways.

Wear comfortable (and relaxed) clothes. Except perhaps in Honolulu, where the atmosphere can be pretty chic among tourists with a lot of money, people dress and quite casually. It’s hot all year round, so the atmosphere is relaxed. Just bring a jacket for transportation where the air conditioning is on full blast.

You will also need a hat and some warm clothing, for example, a thermal shirt and a good jacket if you decide to climb the volcanoes. This is because they are very high peaks, some over 4000 m, and it is snowing on Mauna Kea.

Plan the activities you most want to do before the date of the trip, because for some you will need to book in advance and others, such as diving, condition your travel between islands.

 If you want to see this part of the virgin coast of Hawaii and snorkel in incredible places, take the opportunity to make an excursion.

The best time to see whales in Hawaii is a viral activity during the winter months in Hawaii. There are approximately 10,000 to 15,000 humpback whales globally, and more than a thousand of them visit Hawaii’s tropical waters each year in late November. They stay until the end of April; some are seen until mid-March before they begin their extended return to Alaska, so if this is one of the activities you would like to do, consider the best time to see whales in Hawaii.

Life in Hawaii is quiet. As in many islands around the world, people take it easy. You will see that people drive cautiously and without haste, so don’t rush.

Besides, the sun rises at about 6 am, and you have 12 hours of daylight ahead of you, more or less until 6:30 pm. So make the most of the day because Hawaiians are much more lively during the day than at night.