Albanian Mountains hide secrets that every tourists must explore

The isolated and majestic mountains of northern Albania, symbols of wars of resistance and blood revenge, are becoming a unique tourist destination in Europe for lovers of hiking and unspoiled nature. This new function contrasts with its historical legacy linked to the image of the Albanian mountain people as an indomitable warrior people and far from civilization and modern life.

The northernmost mountainous corner of the country, Kelmend, with the villages of Tamara, Lepushe and Vermosh, which are located in valleys that the alpine rivers of turquoise waters have crossed in mountains of more than two thousand meters high, hides a mystery to discover that would fascinate any tourist in the world.

Original natural beauty

Located about 190 kilometers from Tirana, this untouched natural wealth together with the good traditions of the Albanian mountaineers, the tranquility and the clean air can be enjoyed. The true heritage here is not luxury, but the original natural beauty and hospitality of its people. The beauty of the Albania Mountains is amazing. The people are very friendly, peaceful and hospitable. It is the ideal place to go hiking. In its northern region, the former socialist country houses a tourist circuit that crosses the paradisiacal Koman Lake, crosses snowy mountains and passes through the picturesque villages of Valbona and Theth, which, filled with shepherds and stone houses, seem to stand still in time.

You will discover the true Albania

There is a wonderful view of the glacier at the top of Shnik (2,555 meters), one of the peaks of the mountains, which Albania shares with Montenegro and Kosovo. It is an area still unknown. First foreigners came and now Albanians unaccustomed to mountain tourism are coming. Albania, a Mediterranean country of three million inhabitants, was visited last year by 4.7 million tourists who contributed 1,500 million Euros to the poor economy, 7% of the Gross Domestic Product. To boost tourism, the Albanian government has reduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) applied in this sector from 20% to 6%.

There is a good offer of hostels in Valbone and Theth. Many of them can get guides to guide the tourist along the trail. Have sturdy hiking shoes, a hat to protect yourself from the sun, lots of water and check the weather forecast a few days before your trip. Rain can ruin the entire ride.  The best time to do the trail is between April and September, when the weather in Europe is warmer.