Alanya Adrenaline Tours

People want the best way to relax and have fun on holiday. Alanya, Turkey is one of the indispensable city for the holidays. However, Alanya has not gained this feature only because it has a unique sea and climate. There are many entertainment activities organized in Alanya. However, people coming to Alanya on holiday cannot know exactly where to find the activities. In recent years, tours have saved people from this problem and showed how to best organize their holidays. Alanya  Tours also provides people who come to Alanya to find the best entertaining activities and spend quality time.
Alanya Paragliding

Paragliding is the lightest of all aircraft. In addition, paragliding is an extremely entertaining and adrenaline-giving sport. Firstly, run off the slopes. This activity will add color to your holiday because it is fun. Also, contrary to what is known, flying with paragliding is not dangerous. All you need to fly is the wind. There is no danger as long as natural conditions are appropriate. In this case, professional trainers will help you. Alanya Paragliding , accompanied by professional pilots, rises to a certain degree. Flights, take about twenty and thirty minutes. In addition, paragliding has become one of the most preferred leisure tours in recent years.
Alanya ATV Safari

ATV safari is an indispensable sport for adventure and adrenaline addicts. In summary, they are tours with vehicles that can be used in road conditions such as challenging mountains and hills. In addition, the duration is optinal, but varies from 1,5 hours to 6 hours. In addition, you do not need a drivers’s license to participate in ATV tours. ATV vehicles are very easy to use. To drive the vehicle, it is sufficient to know the gas and the brake. Before the tour, the guides will also provide information about the racecourse and take a test drive.

Alanya Swimming Tour with Dolphins

The dolphin swimming tour will be a wonderful and adrenaline-filled experience for you. The dolphins are a wonderful swimming companion that makes you laugh and entertain with their sweetness and different movements. Some dolphin lovers go miles away to see dolphins. But thanks to these tours, you can see the dolphins and have the opportunity to swim with them.