8 Questions To Ask Before Buying An International Travel Insurance Plan

Business insurance is one of the best businesses in the market. It is not only helpful to the companies but also those who opt for different types of insurances. The International travel insurance plan can prove much useful to one who plans a foreign trip for any reason. It can help him cover a number of things that can be much difficult for him to face if he has not got a valid insurance plan. However, the awareness among people about International Travel Plans is not much, and hence in case of some unwanted events, they feel deep in a problem.

  1. What is the state of the insurance company and license number?

One must know that the company or insurance agent from whom he is buying a travel insurance plan is involved in a legitimate business only. In many cases, the agents offer lucrative plans, but in fact, at the time of claim, only one can come to know that the concerned company is not acting the way it was presented. Hence, one needs to know the state where the head office of the company is situated as well as the license number of the same which is provided to it by the regulatory authorities. This information can make one sure about the genuineness of the plan as well as the company.

  1. Can I have any discount if I buy insurance in advance?

One needs to know if he can have any discount on the premium as in many cases, the insurance companies have a tie-up with various clubs and organizations, and one can have the benefit of discount by being an employee or member of the concerned organization. This can help one save a good amount on his insurance premium.

  1. What is the emergency helpline number?

This is a fundamental question. One needs to have the customer care number as well as the emergency helpline number of the concerned insurance company handy so that in case of any emergency, one can get immediate assistance. Before moving to the foreign land, only one needs to collect this information from the company and validate the same from its website.

  1. Can pre-existing diseases have a waiver?

In many cases, one may have to suffer from poor health conditions due to pre-existing diseases, and if the travel insurance plan does not cover the same, he may have to bear the high cost of medical treatment. If one knows the status of his pre-existing disease coverage by the company, he can take necessary actions accordingly and enjoy the trip without any worry.

  1. What is the process for a claim?

Usually, the process for the claim is similar to every insurance company, but still, one needs to know the exact process with the required documents. This can help one keep prepared in case there is any claim and help to get the claim settled at the earliest.

  1. What are the exclusions?

Usually, the buyers rely on the words of the agent. This is not right as one needs to check the policy documents in depth where all the coverage and exclusions are mentioned. If one wants to know it before buying, he can check the information on the site of the company and also ask the customer care executive about the same. The exclusions from the policy coverage can play a vital role while one plans to purchase the policy. The policy document is the base of the agreement, and hence once the document is received, one needs to check the same in the document, and in case there is anything wrong, he must connect to the concerned authority and object.

  1. What is the time for the starting and ending of coverage?

This is another material fact that one must know. The policy document has a starting date and time of the coverage, as well as the ending date and time, which are clearly mentioned. One can know if he can have the protection of insurance at a certain point of time or not. According to this information, he can take necessary action so that he can protect himself from a massive monetary loss.

  1. Can I have these points in writing?

Though insurance agents have all the points covered while they pitch the plan to a client, one must not believe in his words as while going for the claim, there is no meaning of what one was told by the agent. Hence one must insist to check if the mentioned points by the agent are there in the document in writing or not. If they are not, one must stay from buying the same.

These are the questions that one must ask the agent or insurance company before buying a travel plan from the same as it can help one know the protection clearly.