7 safety travel tips that you should use as a solo traveler

Love to travel and explore? With all the dreams and planning of traveling, we tend to overlook the plan for safety and security. It’s true that a traveler is not a fearless person! He is a curious and yet safety-prepped person. So here are quick tips that should come in handy for all your traveling expeditions.

  • Avoid night travels:

 This can be done if you are unaware of the city and the city’s ways. Sometimes full-fledged research is not enough to know how safe the city is that you will be exploring.

  • It’s okay if you want to explore beyond your tour itinerary:

Your money. Your time. So why the halt and limits. But it is highly recommended to at least hire a tour guide to keep your exploration safe. But for the most, you should carry with you a family safety app that can alert your emergency contacts whenever required.

  • Hitch-hiking – A big no-no:

You must have seen many movies where the hitch-hiking turns out quite normal and the hitch-hiker was dropped where he wanted to be dropped. But sometimes that’s not the case in any new foreign city. You might know the Eiffel tower from Paris but you have no clue about the intentions of Andre, the lorry guy you wanted the lift from. In case, you are in need to hitchhike, keep your safe services like a security app on.

  • Service your phone and update your safety app:

You are doomed if the SOS 3 press power button won’t work in your favor. Before you land in a foreign city, make sure your phone is well serviced and the safety apps are updated to the latest versions.

  • Keep your location on and battery charged:

It’s important that you do! Have someone close to you monitor your location, using a family locator every time you travel. If that’s not possible then let a security app do the same job for you. How is an application supposed to work if your phone is switched off! Never forget a power bank,

  • Blend in with the crowd:

 Avoid flashy jewelry (well, avoid this at your home place too), try to blend in with the crowd. Why? It’s considered that a tourist carries with himself a little extra cash in a foreign land. So how much of it is possible to blend, do blend!

  • Local advice:

Who knows better than the city dwellers. Need a quick tip on train boarding or how to avoid easy dangers? Locals are your answer! Don’t hesitate to ask and keep in mind who are you headed to ask questions.

That’s there. This article doesn’t cover all safety tips but it does cover crucial ones. Though there is one thing you can do right now from this article. That is to download the UrSafe app, it’s your own personal security app, that keeps you safe even at your home place.