Lombok can be unjustly depicted as Bali’s garden or because it’s calmer and not a developed version. This can not be further than the reality. Lombok is a destination of its own with only a rich civilization and exceptionally captivating all-natural vista. Beyond its principal island, the three gilis of Meno, Trawangan, and Air are retained calm with their prohibition of motorized cars. A visit to Lombok shouldn’t be an addendum for your Bali excursion, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Island-hopping in the Gilis

By the primary island of Lombok, visit the three primary Gilis or islands situated only 20 minutes away by ship: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, also Gili Meno. All these islands are trendy for diving and snorkeling on account of marine life’s wealth and appealing coral formations. They are especially appealing among tourists who’d love to get a more relaxing vacation, like cars and motorized traffic is illegal on the seas, which means you walk, cycle, or make use of the jelqing carriage!

  • Trekking in Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano in Indonesia on the island of Lombok, also at 12,224 ft is the second greatest volcano in Indonesia. This mountain is an essential place for trekkers since it provides many of the most amazing views from the island. There are two ways to approach this regal mountain. First, you are through the village of Senaru (600 m), around the west side of this mountain and so nearer to the major resort regions of the west shore, including Senggigi.

The upcoming potential entry stage is Sembalun Lawang (1,150 m), on the other side, which can be nearer to the summit. So it’s suggested to select among those trekking operators around both entrance points (rather than pre-booking online) and get a more relaxed dip and elect for the four days three nights excursion.

  • Stop by the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Palaces

Lombok isn’t only snorkeling and beaches, with just how much sand and sea you visit, it isn’t hard to forget that you’re in a tropical shore flourishing using thick jungle along with lush greenery. Some of the most well-known waterfalls would be the Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep, a unique mixture of two waterfalls that overlap each other at one stream. These two Lombok waterfalls are found at the foot of Rinjani. Therefore it is a good stopping point when you put Rinjani on your Lombok itinerary.

  • Push the Senggigi — Pemenang ride

Consider Senggigi, such as the Kuta and Seminyak of Bali, the top tourist destination around the island, and can be shaped by several distinct places all lying across the same two-lane coastal road. While pockets of growth are located in certain regions, long stretches of the available undeveloped property lie in between. The excellent 21-km coastal stretch from Senggigi into Pemenang winds beyond delightful inlets and beaches and can be a simple, exciting ride. Other, smaller streets meander through rocky highlands, secluded departure waterfalls, and lush rice paddies.

  • Explore a Few Best Surf Places

Like Bali, Lombok can be world-renowned among consumers. Among the greatest kept secret surf stages is the Bangko Bangko shore or the Desert stage. However, there are loads of different alternatives for many customers, with nine big surfing destinations situated all across the Lombok shore. Kuta Beach and the South Coast of Lombok (The Gerupuk Beach) also provide you with fantastic waves.

  • Verify the Lombok Meals

Though less renowned as Balinese food, the regional Sasak food is similar yet provides a slightly different signature. As the title probably suggests, the regional folks do enjoy their own ‘lombok’ or chilies. A number of the Sasak meals use up a lot of chilies, developing a fair and refreshing variety of meals. You do not want to overlook the Neighborhood favorite of Ayam Taliwang, which initially came in the city of Taliwang at Sumbawa. It’s a barbecued chicken marinated with red berry, garlic, lemon juice, along with other spices, generally served using Placing Kangkung (blanched water lettuce served using refreshing sambal).

Suppose you would like to maintain the warmth to a minimum since Lombok remains a tourist destination. In that case, restaurants can supply Indonesian classics like nasi goreng, sate, a few Balinese meals, with costs that could be half that in Bali and Jakarta! And additionally, European restaurants are run by thieves that live on the island.

  • Experience the Civilization

Culturally and linguistically, the Sasak people are closely associated with the Balinese. However, with no Hindu Balinese, nearly all the people are Muslims, thus lacking pork from the food choices. Immerse yourself in the standard method of living of the Sasak people who have a trip to the villages, together with huts made from a combination of cow manure, bamboo, and straw, advertisement where power and running water are extremely minimal to none. Various villages have various specialties for crafts and arts. For conventional Lombok weaving, it is possible to visit Sukarara Village at Central Lombok, such as sarongs and ikats, and visit Pringgasela (East Lombok).

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