6 Things To Do on a Road Trip Through CALIFORNIA

The most popular state in the US is California and 3rd largest state by area. It has so many great cities like LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FERDINAND, SAN DIEGO, and so on.

This state offers so much to do, and it has everything for everyone.

From beaches to national parks to pubs to clubs to shopping malls to great food, music, and culture. Coming here would take you to a journey that’s unforgettable and has everything you could expect a place to offer.

Visit California? Grab your bags and take out your car as what else is better than listening to your own favorite music and stopping by wherever you want to and for as long as you want. It’s fun to be on the ROAD!! Believe me; this road journey is gonna be epic!!

Let’s go…

  1. SACRAMENTO: Visit the Capital of California Crocker art museum, Downtown, Sacramento riverfront, and California Supreme Court.
  2. SAN FRANCISCO: In Northern California, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, which is a hilly city and San Francisco Bay. It is one of the cultural, and financial center of California.

What can we do here?

So much!

  1. Golden gate bridge..: a walk to remember! The iconic bridge, the architectural marvel, and the most famous bridge in the world!
  2. Alcatraz: This is the place where the most Famous PRISONERS of the US have been incarcerated.
  3. Fisherman’s wharf: This is the city’s most popular attraction. Madame TUSSAUDS, MUSEUM TO 3D ILLUSIONS, CARTOON ART MUSEUM, are nearby it, and you may find many exotic food options to fill your belly!. Do not forget to watch the antics of SEA LIONS!

The city has so many iconic attractions that will bring peace to your hungry traveler’s soul.

You can stroll or move through your car. Your eyes won’t get tired of appreciating the beauty of the city. Not to forget- the big sur.

The trip to California can never come to a halt without going to LA!



Universal studios

Small Hollywood bus tour.

Reach to LOS ANGELES. AIRPORT – LAX. Find out the best and cheap airport parking lot to park your car and take a break from your so much tiring road journey to book a flight and explore more places.

Book a flight to SAN DIEGO

  1. 5. SAN DIEGO: It’s a city close to LA and is known for its beaches, museums, and warm and sunny climate.

It is known as America’s finest city. From chilling to eating good food to exploring the city is a must in your itinerary.

After relaxing for a day. Come back to Los Angeles to enjoy the night-life in one most famous city. Famous for its art and movie industry.

  1. 6. REDWOOD NATIONAL PARK: The visitors can enjoy the serene beauty of nature, wildlife and do many outdoor activities and have lots of fun.