6 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Rome!

As an old saying goes “All roads leads to Rome” – so, once the travel restrictions are lifted after the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be your time to take your way and follow it to Rome! Visiting a charming, romantic, yet lively historical city like Rome is one of the deepest dreams for millions of people out there. In fact, more than nine million international tourists visit Rome every year and tourists are arriving from all over the world. Some come for the fountains or churches but not everyone. Visitors from the Middle East come for shopping with tourists from UAE and Saudi Arabia being the top spenders. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Italy had started to see a 22% rise of visitors from the Middle East, especially Arabic travelers from UAE and Saudi Arabia, a welcome revenue for the local business owners that suddenly was removed when travelers from these regions stopped due to the pandemic. Besides international tourism, Rome is also a very popular local tourist destination. The city has so much to offer that also Italians themselves who live in other places look forward to the right occasion to plan a trip to the famous and whimsical Eternal City.

Ready To Plan Your Travel To Rome?

We all know that Rome is a giant open-air pool of precious old traces, monuments, roads, art masterpieces from all past epochs. It’s pretty hard to find a similar place on earth, where you can admire prehistoric traces along with castles from Middle-Age or fountains from the Baroque time.

If Rome is the only corner on this planet that can boast such a unique reputation, there’s more than one simple reason. If you are ready to go, make sure you know enough about Rome, today’s Romans, and local itineraries. It will be easier for you to plan your daily trips.

Just keep in mind that once you are in Rome you can visit also Vatican City, which is a small city in the Eternal City where Pope lives. The Vatican Museums and the Colosseum are the two most popular tourist destinations in Rome with more than 4 million visitors each per year. Certain museum tickets might be a little costly, so take some extra money with you just in case you may need it (and you will, you bet!). Some people find smart solutions to gain extra money for their vacation ahead. For example, you may want to sell handcrafted items, offer tutor lessons (only if you are as good), sell stuff that you don’t use anymore at a flea market, you may want to get a freelance job for a period.

The bottom line is that any idea is good to make extra money to afford spectacular city tours, superb cuisine, and a lot more in Rome. You’ll agree with us that it’s worthier than you think.

Things You Must Know About Rome

The day you arrive in Rome, you understand you are on a completely different side of the Universe. Roman people are extremely direct when dealing with people. With foreign people, most Romans tend to put aside formalities and treat you as you were nearly a kid by talking slowly and repeating the same sentence over! That’s only a way to make you feel at ease. Although today many people who live in Rome weren’t born in Rome, when you meet full-blooded Romans, you will know from the nonchalant way they behave, walk, talk, and laugh aloud.

So, let’s see some of the most amazing things about Rome that every tourist should know and appreciate:

  1. Rome has more than 280 fountains and more than 900 churches. However, both fountains and churches were even more than that in past centuries.
  2. Trevi Fountain is the city’s most popular fountain. Tossing a coin into this breathtaking fountain pleased with majestic marble statues and crystal-clear freshwater is one of the first things most tourists do when they arrive in Rome. The money inside the fountain (nearly 700,000 Euros each year) is donated to Caritas to help people in need.
  3. “All roads lead to Rome” simply because the Romans built a road network of 53,000 miles. Besides, each mile was marked by a milestone, that you can still see walking on Rome’s consular roads.
  4. Rome has several symbols. One of them is a she-wolf that cared for twilling Romulus and Remus according to the legend. The other symbol is an eagle and it’s a military symbol used by the Roman army.
  5. Rome has several nicknames, one of the most known is “The City of Cats”. In Rome you can see wild cats everywhere, even sleeping on century-old statues as they can live without disruption where they were born. Romans love feeding the local cats, so you may happen to see dishes with food at the corner of the buildings. Wild cats in Rome live completely free.
  6. Rome’s first university (“La Sapienza“) was established in 1303 AD and it’s currently the largest in Europe and the second-largest in the world. It has several branch departments all across the city and it’s the most coveted university for its prestigious board certifications.

There’s much more to tell you about Rome and the Romans, you’ll discover how unique this place and their people are only through visiting. Just a small thing, Rome has a pasta-dedicated museum that you may love to visit.