6 Best Things To Do In Silver Lake, California

Silver Lake is a residential neighborhood in California. It has a total land area of 6.5km2 and is home to more than 2,000 residents. This place is known for its hipster setting, and hipster lovers will love it; the art, music, fashion, and food are worth exploring.

This article will give you the top six things to do while in Silver Lake, California. For long-term stays in this neighborhood, or if you and your family are choosing to move in, Zumper will give you a guide to the different apartments for rent in Silver Lake, CA. The tourist attractions are as follows:

  • Silver Lake Reservoir

First on the list is the Silver Lake Reservoir. This destination is right for you if you enjoy walking and calm places. This reservoir is man-made, but despite that, it’s aesthetic and offers a calming ambiance through the view of the waters, which will surely give you a benefit. The Silver Lake Reservoir consists of a 2.2-mile walk around its area, trees, and benches, perfect for recreational activities such as picnics, gatherings, or relaxing. It even has a playground and a basketball court!

  • Silver Lake Stairs

The Silver Lake Stairs, which can also be called the Micheltorena Stairs, has more than 170 steps and are decorated with colorful art. Not only will it give you exercise, but it will also give you awesomeness through its decorative colors. This place is perfect for taking Instagram pictures. In addition, Silver Lake also has a lot of attractive staircases worth visiting! such as the Stair Tempo Staircase and the Swan Stairs. 

  • Silver Lake Wine

If you are a person who loves drinking wine, or just a person curious about its various flavors of it, then this place is highly recommended for you to visit. Silver Lake Wine offers locals wine tasting, which will give them an idea of what wine to buy. The products displayed will surely tempt you to buy one!  

  • El Cid

For those who love to watch entertainment in the form of performers dancing and singing, El Cid is the best place for you to visit. El Cid, located on Sunset Blvd, hosts flamenco shows! It’s a historical Spanish dance involving dancing and musicians. Moreover, El Cid also serves Spanish cuisines such as tapas and paella, which you can enjoy while watching live performances. The Flamenco shows are often open only during the weekends. Aside from flamenco shows, this venue also hosts live bands and burlesque performances. 

  • Silver Lake Farmers Market

The Silver Lake Farmers Market, located on Sunset Boulevard, is a wide, open-air marketplace that sells various products such as clothes, fruits, vegetables, and even jewelry. For people who love to stroll around and explore new products, the Farmer’s Market in Silver Lake definitely should be on their bucket list. This place also sells books, flowers, fresh organic products, etc. 

  • Silver Lake Dog Park

Silver Lake Dog Park is the perfect place to unwind with your pet for dog owners! Located at Silver Lake Blvd, this dog park will allow you to bond with your dog and will also allow your pet to socialize with their fellow dogs and owners. The Silver Lake Dog Park also has rules offered to ensure the enjoyment of the dogs and their owners.

Above are the seven places you must visit during your Silver Lake, California trip. Whether you choose one or will follow the whole list, you must ensure your safety and follow the rules of the places so you may truly enjoy the most of your time at Silver Lake.