5 Fantastic Places to Visit in Texas

Texas is more than blank desert landscapes, hot and humid weather, and cowboys tending to the ranch. If you look beyond the Lone Star State stereotypes, you will find a state booming with natural beauty, great entertainment, and cultural richness. Here are five fantastic places to visit in Texas whether you’re bringing the family or doing it alone.

Galveston Beach

Galveston Beach is an easy, fun, and relaxing vacation destination. By booking a Houston Hobby to Galveston port shuttle, you can fly into a large city, therefore saving travel money, and hitch a ride directly to the beach. Camping and even driving on the sand is allowed in Galveston. There are a variety of restaurants, shops, and bars to entertain you throughout your trip. If camping is not your style, then book an adorable beach house for some added comfort.

Big Bend National Park

Located near the Texas-Mexico border, Big Bend National Park is known nationwide for its incredible valleys, huge limestone cliffs, and miles upon miles of hiking and biking trails. You feel very connected to nature thanks to the park being far from any town, so make sure you come prepared for all the elements.

Dallas-Fort Worth

There are so many things to do in DFW. Between the Art District’s museums, the Dallas Zoo and aquarium, and the charm of Highland Park shopping, everyone will find something to do that suits their interests. Older visitors will enjoy the delicious food, the eclectic mix of nightlife, and the huge concert venues. Be sure to visit Fort Worth to watch the rodeo and learn to two-step.


A trip to the state’s capital is both educational and cultural in Texas. Austin has a reputation for “keeping things weird,” but a visit to the capital is a great way to show children how government works across the country. Austin has a great food and craft beer scene if you choose to partake, and a lot of talented local musicians call Austin home. If you plan in advance, you can grab tickets to one of Austin’s many festivals, such as South by Southwest or Austin City Limits.

Caddo Lake State Park

Caddo Lake is the only naturally made lake in the entire state of Texas. Its located along the Louisiana-Texas border and it offers a completely different type of natural beauty than Big Bend. A 25,400 square foot bayou and lake, it is a beautiful place to kayak, paddle, and canoe. Be sure to book a campsite early, as spots fill up quickly in the spring and autumn in particular.

Take some time to do a little research and you will find that Texas is an exciting vacation destination for people of all ages.