5 Famous Beaches in Russia

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‘Beaches’ the word is synonymous to calmness, tranquillity and all the feelings associated with the state of happiness and peace. If there’s one place in this world that is adorned with this nature’s beauty, it is Russia for sure. With a coastline of 37,653 kilometres, the country has numerous beaches the travellers can enjoy experiencing while travelling to Russia. Also, make sure that you carry purchase an international SIM card or Russia SIM card so that you don’t missing out on sharing sceneic pictures with your loved ones.

 Here’s is our list of 5 famous beaches in Russia that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting this country. The pristine beaches in Russia are sure to leave you mesmerised as you visit these places!

  1. Khalaktyrsky Beach, Kamchatka Krai

We give Khalaktyrsky Beach the number one spot and there are reasons why we say so- The unpredictable nature of this beach is what attracts the tourists the most. Embellished with black volcanic sand, the beach looks spectacular in every sense. Enjoy the breath-taking views of the ocean while you relax and unwind at this nature’s paradise, or go surfing if that’s on your mind.

2. Riviera Beach, Sochi

The next that comes in our list of 5 famous beaches in Russia is the magnificent Riviera Beach located in Sochi. Glistened with black-stone, this beach is an ultimate place for travellers to relax and unwind. Also, a great option, if you are on a family trip as the beach, offers amusement for children and adults alike. Trampolines, banana boat rides and hydro cycle rides along with parachute flights over the water; there’s a lot that you can do at this beach. We got you thinking, didn’t we!

3. Olympic Beach, Sochi

The five kilometre Olympic Beach in Sochi is our next pick for 5 famous beaches in Russia as it is well equipped with modern amenities. The beach boasts of a number of restaurants, cycling tracks, fast food cafes and amusement rides, perfect to spend your day in leisure and entertainment.

4. Beach Laskovy, Solnechnoe

Enjoy the serene sight of lush and dense pine forests along with Kvass- a fermented rye water drink at Laskovy Beach. The calm water at this beach is perfect for a dip during summers. Go kitesurfing or swimming to keep yourself busy all day long. You can also enjoy having a good time at the café, playground or simply lay in the cool sand as you try your hands at cooking kebab BBQ yourself.

5. Amber Beach, Kaliningrad Region.

Last but not least, the Amber Beach in Kaliningrad Region is our pick for 5 famous beaches in Russia as this destination boasts of meeting the highest standards of quality for any international beach. The tourists at this beach are provided with amenities like beach umbrellas, showers, running water and lighting, comfortable cabin for changing clothes, and toilets with proper sewerage facilities, which makes this beach an attractive designation for the people visiting this place. One of the best parts about the Amber beach that it also accomodates the disabled people by providing them with special flooring which directly leads them to the beach. Thus, making it one of the best beaches to visit in Russia.