4 Unique Attractions in Virginia

If you have recently purchased Arlington real estate you’re probably curious what there is to do around the area. Luckily, Arlington and other areas of Virginia have plenty of places to see and things to do.

The Pentagon

In Arlington County, you can find the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, which includes all military services. The large five-sided building was built to consolidate the offices of the War Department into one specific location. The building was completed in 1943 and cost $83 million, most likely due to its size of about 3,700,000 square feet and the ability to hold 25,000 people.

Arlington National Cemetery

The United States military cemetery is located in Arlington County, VA and spans over 639 acres for past heroes gravesites. This cemetery was established during the Civil War on the grounds of the Arlington House which was a previous estate to the late Martha Washington and Robert E. Lee. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier can also be found here and is guarded by soldiers 24/7. The soldiers have undergone a strict selection process and intensive training to undertake this honorable duty.

Shenandoah National Park

With more than 200,000 acres of protected lands, this park is filled with waterfalls, numerous wildlife, and fields of wildflowers. There is an entrance fee to the park, but it is valid for 7 consecutive days. There are numerous outdoor activities that you can do here including hiking one of the many trails, taking in beautiful scenery on mountain tops such as at Skyline Drive, enjoying horseback riding, or catching trout and other fish along the rivers.

Luray Caverns

Otherwise known as Luray Cave, this unique attraction is in Luray, Virginia and has been around since it’s discovery in 1878. This natural wonder consists of walkways through ceilings that are 10 stories high within cathedral-sized rooms. Tours are available to see these beautiful stone formations and discover a natural phenomenon that began it’s formation over 4 million centuries ago.

The Poe Museum

One of the most important, influential, and well-known writers in American history is Edgar Allan Poe.  His poetry such as “The Raven,” “Annabel Lee,” and “To Helen” are some of the many notable pieces created by Poe. Memorabilia, houses, and displays are available for museum visitors to view and dive deeper into the world of Poe. Items such as Poe’s childhood bed, infamous silk vest, and original autobiography can also be found here.

The state of Virginia has numerous attractions to offer. Expanding from natural wildlife preserves to beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, you are sure to find activities you enjoy.