4 Must-See Sights on Bald Head Island, NC

Before you hop on the ferry to Bald Head Island, NC, you should make a plan of where you would like to visit. To allow yourself time to fully enjoy the island and be near all of the beautiful and historic scenery, you may want to consider booking one of the many rentals on Bald Head Island. Here are 4 must-see sights on the island to help you plan.

  1. Old Baldy Lighthouse and Old Baldy Grounds

Make plans to visit Old Baldy Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in North Carolina. Built in 1817, Old Baldy has been used in different capacities during two major wars. Visitors to this historic lighthouse can take a self-guided tour through the lighthouse, climbing Old Baldy’s 108 steps to a breathtaking view from an elevation of 110 feet! After completing this daunting task, visitors can take a break in the shade of an old oak tree on the grounds.

  1. Bald Head Island Conservancy

Explore the island in its most natural form on one of the Bald Head Island Conservancy’s many tours. Take a kayaking trip down the creeks, go on a nighttime wildlife tour, go birding or hike through the maritime forest. If you have kiddos in tow on this trip, take advantage of the Conservancy’s fishing program for children. Catch a sea turtle movie and interact with various reptiles and tide pool-residing animals. If sea turtles interest you, be sure to sign up for a beach patrol ride-along where you may have the chance to see a mother sea turtle or her newly hatched babies!

  1. Smith Island Museum of History

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about Old Baldy’s history. A visit to the Smith Island Museum of History will give you a full measure of island history. The museum is located in what was formerly the lighthouse keeper’s cottage. The museum proudly displays several artifacts from the lighthouse’s history. For the shopper in your group, make sure to stop by the museum gift shop! Stocked with goodies and souvenirs for even the most distinguished shopper, the gift shop is the cherry on top of a beautiful island day. As a bonus, all purchases made in the museum gift shop will benefit the Old Baldy Foundation.

  1. Bald Head Island History Tours

Want to know more about Bald Head Island? Take a tour of the island! Tour guides will lead you through a two-hour tour of the island via golf cart, covering the island’s rich and eventful history.

There is much to see and do on beautiful and historic Bald Head Island, NC. Make a plan now to ensure that you get the most out of your experience!