3 Tools for Heavy Machinery Moves To Make Your Travel Easier

Moving is a difficult process, but for commercial businesses, there are a number of complications that can make things more stressful. Moving an entire office or dealing with industrial equipment relocation takes a lot of in-depth planning, though safety concerns are multiplied when moving heavy machinery. The right tools make a big difference during a move, especially when it comes to keeping your people and equipment safe. Here are some tools that can help you move bug machinery around more efficiently.

  • Air Casters

Air casters can be used in sets of four or six and are widely used within the moving industry. Most often, the caster modules are created using a combination of both air bearings and several other elements. As pneumatic devices that are air-powered, they have the ability to lift around 50 tons of weight without damaging the floor.

  • Air Bearings

Load capacity is important when deciding on which tool will be the most efficient for moving, and air bearings offer support to a range of loads. With a standard 12 inch bearing, it has the capacity to lift machines that weigh up to a half-ton, while increasing the bearing to 48 inches extends capacity to 30 tons.

  • Air Lifting Bags

For machines that don’t have a lot of floor clearance, an air lifting bag can be inserted into the small crack and inflated to grip the load. Depending on the size of the bag, it can lift and move loads that are up to 70 tons. These are portable, making it easy to use one for both the loading and unloading needs of the move.

In addition to these three items, air beams and lift decks can be used for relocation needs where the width remains constant but the length varies. Safety and security are key priorities for moving equipment from one spot to another, and these devices can make your move successful.