3 romantic plans for couples in Marbella!

If you are still thinking about it but you have not finished taking the step to make a final decision, this article is designed to give you a hand in choosing that destination on the famous Costa del Sol. Especially if what you are looking for is a getaway from dreamy, full of variety, beauty and romance, but the enormous number of possibilities within Malaga is overwhelming, so you cannot miss the recommendations that we have prepared for this article.

And it is that Marbella is a huge cosmopolitan and modern city, where luxury and beauty are mixed with a satisfying and relaxing daytime life, and a particularly active nightlife in every corner of the city.

First of all, it is good to remember that Marbella, being one of the best tourist cities, is more than used to receiving visitors from all over the world. Things like transportation and accommodation are solved as easily as searching for Malaga to Marbella transfer, in any internet search engine, and the options will be obvious to anyone who is looking for a suitable budget.

Gastronomic experiences to whet your appetite

There is no doubt that in a good vacation getaway, especially those that have romantic overtones, the gastronomic aspect is a crucial factor. Marbella is by far one of the best destinations in Spain (and in all of Europe) to enjoy gastronomic experiences in style.

And the fact is that Spanish gastronomy is distinguished by its varied and intense flavours, and if we add to that the presence of some of the best international chefs from different parts, we obtain endless possibilities.

Exceptional environments and outdoor activities

To say that Marbella has an immense variety of plans is not an exaggeration. And it is that in this city it is possible to find the best places to make excursions both on foot, on motorcycles or bicycles, and even on horseback in some cases.

There are places in Marbella such as equestrian clubs where people travelling as a couple can have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable afternoon riding on the back of an Andalusian horse, unique to this region, while also enjoying a unique view of the Mediterranean Sea.

 Nature, spas and relaxation go hand in hand in Marbella

Being a tourist destination that stands out mainly for its focus on comfort and luxury, it was expected that the spas and resorts in Marbella would be one of its strong points when it comes to getaways for couples.

And we cannot forget that throughout the Costa del Sol there were centuries of Arab domination that became part of its history and local identity, which led to a wide range of natural and traditional therapies that today are part of the attraction for those visitors who long to be treated like a sultan.