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Typical Yogyakarta Foods That Are Delicious, and You Must Taste

Source: Yogyakarta is famous as the city of a million memories. Many people want to come back or come just to have sweet moments with their loved ones. One of them is tasting the typical food of Yogyakarta. The...


Underwater View of Bunaken National Park

Source: When visiting Manado, I purposely set aside one day to answer my curiosity about the beautiful underwater scenery of Bunaken National Park. Bunaken is an island located in the north of Sulawesi. The area is about 8 sq...


Making the Transition to Living Abroad

People move away from the U.S. for a wide range of reasons. Some relocate, either temporarily or permanently, for their jobs and careers. Others leave the country to enjoy retirement, to take in new scenery and perhaps to stretch their...