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Most Effective Deals for Car Rental: The Right Details

Easy to reach by plane and ferry, Miami is an ideal base for starting a dream holiday in Sardinia. From here with a rental car you can easily move to the most beautiful beaches on the island and to all...


Greenland Yacht Cruise – A unique experience

Close your eyes and try to picture this: majestic fjords, frozen landscapes and wild, raw, untouched nature. This and so much more awaits you on a Greenland yacht charter. Known for its surreal beauty, Greenland may not be your first choice...


10 Reasons to Visit Caernarfon

Castle Without a shadow of a doubt, Caernarfon’s main feature is its gigantic castle which towers over the town. The castle was constructed to defend the outside area, in a strategic position on the mouth of the Menai Strait. It...