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Find the Best Choices For the Best Beaches

Puerto Escondido is a beautiful seaside resort in the state of Oaxaca, near the more famous Acapulco. Puerto Escondido has become famous to the very present Italian public thanks to the film by Gabriele Salvatores, and to the world public...


Pickpocketing in Asia 

How to stay safe and avoid getting pickpocketed in Asia  Pickpocketing is a common problem all over the world, but it can be particularly exacerbated in Asian countries, where foreign tourists stand out from the crowd. Although Japan is considered...


Beautiful attractions in Dubai

Dubai became a worldwide paradise for visitors. The cosmopolitan city is a combination of cultures from all around the world as a result of influx of people looking for better jobs and a healthier lifestyle. From exotic Arab belly dancing...


What To Do at Beavers Bend

If you're looking for a relaxing vacation in the beautiful Oklahoma countryside, look no further than Beavers Bend State Park. It has all the outdoor and educational activities you could hope to find in such a beautiful area, including a...

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