10 Things to do in Orange County, California

If you are looking to buy a home in Orange County or if you are simply planning a visit to this vibrant region of Southern California make sure you have plenty of time to explore as there are a lot of ways in which you can fill your days. Known for its many tourist attractions there is more to Orange County than meets the eye so be sure to do some research so you do not miss any of the great things this area has to offer.

Orange County is made up of many great neighbourhoods and amazing picturesque beaches. It has word-class restaurants, a plethora of outdoor activities, beautiful weather and of course, Disney Land and Splash Mountain. If you are planning on spending some time in the region you will not be disappointed when trying to find ways to fill your days. Here is a list of just a handful of things to do in OC.


  • Disneyland Park


It would be difficult to mention Orange County without bringing up Disneyland. This park has been a major tourist draw since it opened in 1955 and still today families and singles from all of the world come to enjoy all it has to offer those who enter its gates. Don’t forget to visit Splash Mountain as well.


  • The Richard Nixon Library & Museum


If you enjoy learning about history and find Richard Nixon and the era of his presidency and his legacy interesting you do not want to miss this museum. It offers many informative workshops and ties together many of today’s issues with events that happened in the past. It is worth a visit.


  • Huntington Beach Pier


This pier is a popular destination for both visitors and locals. It is one of the longest West Coast piers and has been around since 1904. Go during the day if you are planning a day on the beach or at dusk if you want to take in the view and enjoy an evening stroll.


  • Heisler Park, Laguna Beach


Often when people think about Orange County they think about beaches. Heisler Park offers beach access as well as picnic tables and barbecue areas if you are hoping for a picnic. The beaches below the park are popular for those who like to snorkel or scuba dive. There are also tidal pools to explore and enjoy.


  • Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve


If you do not feel like a beach day or spending a day at the amusement parks but you still want to get out and about Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is a day well spent, especially if you want to spend some time outdoors. It is a 1,300-acre coastal estuary with mudflats, dunes, and a freshwater marsh. It is also popular with birders because of the many diverse bird species that call it home.


  • Carbon Canyon Regional Park


This regional park has something to offer almost any outdoor enthusiast. It sits upstream from the Carbon Canyon Dam. Sixty of its 124-acres have been developed and there you will find picnic areas and a small lake in which you can drop a hook. If you want to hike there are naturalist-guided tours through the park. Be sure to also check out the redwood grove.


  • Bowers Museum


If you like art and museums a day spend at Bowers will be money and time well spent. They have many permanent exhibitions, such as Native American art, Art of Asia and Pre-Columbian Art. The museum also offers interesting and educational travelling exhibitions that are worth seeing.


  • Knott’s Berry Farm


If you are interested in a day at an epic amusement park you may want to check out Knott’s Berry Farm. It comes complete with roller coasters, river rides and even a waterpark at adjacent Knott’s Soak City.


  • Orange County Zoo


Though it may not be a large zoo it is still worth a visit. Located inside natural and picturesque 477 acre Irvine Regional Park with a focus on plants and animals native to the southwestern States. Admission is not much and you will get to see wildlife such as mountain lions, bears, foxes and birds of prey. They also have some barnyard like sheep, goats and pigs.


  •  Brea Creek Golf Course


One thing that Orange County does not have a shortage of is golf courses. So, if you are planning a visit or moving to the area and you love to get out on the greens know that you will not be disappointed. Brea Creek Golf Course offers a 9 hole with a well-maintained course and scenic views. It is one of many to check out in Orange County.