10 Reasons to Visit Caernarfon


Without a shadow of a doubt, Caernarfon’s main feature is its gigantic castle which towers over the town. The castle was constructed to defend the outside area, in a strategic position on the mouth of the Menai Strait. It is largely considered as one of the finest examples of an Edwardian castle, and a feat of architecture and engineering at its time.


Caernarfon doesn’t have to try hard at all, its location on the cusp of the Menai strait and the Irish sea means it sports gorgeous views in all directions. You only have to walk to the seafront to be exposed to the fresh ocean air. Views of Llanddwyn Island and Anglesey lie just on the horizon.


Caernarfon has a wealth of pubs within its walls, including the Black Boy Inn which serves traditional home-cooked meals ranging from roast dinners to steaks, burgers and vegetarian curries. There’s also the smallest pub in Wales, and a wide range of other ones, which include the amenities you can expect from hotel caernarfon.


If you are a bit of a history buff, then you will love hearing about Caernarfon’s storied history and its place in the British tradition. It is the site of a great many battles, held by both the English and the Welsh at different times. More recently, it was the site of Charles Prince of Wales’ investiture, right within the grounds of the magnificent castle. It was even the subject of the Netflix Original Series ‘The Crown’ episode about the very event.


All of it’s cultural and historical significance aside, it is supremely placed for a North Wales based trip. Being equidistant from Snowdonia National Park, Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula, it’s easy to get to all of these tourism hotspots on any given day, just a short drive away in any direction at all.


Caernarfon is home to several artistic locations, be it the GaleriCaernarfon which often hosts some brilliant exhibitions on all sorts of subjects, or you are just a stone’s throw away from Bangor which hosts the Pontio Art Exhibition Centre.


A lovely selection of boutique stores exists in Caernarfon, ideal for holidaymakers to pick up a few trinkets! SiopIardCaernarfon sells a selection of custom made jewellery. Lottie and Wren is a beautiful gift shop where you can pick up some goodies on your travels.


If Caernarfon has one thing going for it, it’s the food, there are a multitude of traditional fish and chip shops around the town where you can pick up a lovely packet of chunky goodness before heading to the seafront to watch the sunset and you munch away. You can also go to the Black Boy Inn which serves just about any dish you could want, along with a nice pint of guest ale.

Authentic Experience

Caernarfon is described by many as one of the ‘Welshest’ towns in all of Wales, it’s one of those places that you can hear people chattering in Welsh to each other on the seafront or in the pub, you can immerse yourself in the culture and language!

The Beaches

Caernarfon is a short drive from the beautiful beach of DinasDinlle. When the tide is out, it reveals a lovely sandy beach in which you can play all manner of games or relax in the soft sand. You can also at times see people riding horses in the water!