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10 Reasons to Visit Caernarfon

Castle Without a shadow of a doubt, Caernarfon’s main feature is its gigantic castle which towers over the town. The castle was constructed to defend the outside area, in a strategic position on the mouth of the Menai Strait. It...


5 Fantastic Places to Visit in Texas

Texas is more than blank desert landscapes, hot and humid weather, and cowboys tending to the ranch. If you look beyond the Lone Star State stereotypes, you will find a state booming with natural beauty, great entertainment, and cultural richness....


Exploring Phuket and Its Beauty

How do you even sum up all the beauty that Thailand offers? The answer to that is quite simple actually. What this beautiful place has to offer is exponentially and infinitely greater than any other places you've visited. There’s no...


Travel Comfortably and Lavishly with Phenom 100

Light jets are becoming more popular these days because of the convenience, exclusivity and extravagant experience they offer. Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, developed a light jet suitable for individuals or companies that like to travel comfortably and lavishly.  This...


What to know about travelling

It’s time to take a break, think about yourself for a moment, think about how hard you have been working and think about treating yourself. Get out of the office, wander outdoors a bit, try to experience something new and...

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